Who are we?

MiMa builds knowledge about the value chains of mineral raw materials and security of supply and to create solutions to the raw material challenges of the future.

In 2013, MiMa was established under the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS) to build knowledge about the significance of raw materials for society, and to find solutions for the raw material challenges of the future.

Raw materials, and the materials they in turn are used to produce, play a fundamental role in our society. Bridges and buildings, roads and windmills, TVs and telephones – virtually everything we surround ourselves with is based on processed mineral raw materials. But our consumption of them requires a security of supply and that it follows the changes in society’s needs.

The point of circular economy, recycling and the green transition is for society to figure out how to more effectively use raw materials to create greater value for society and the environment. These are key issues that authorities, companies and investors have to deal with – not just nationally, but internationally, too.

The value chain of minerals, which begins with mineral exploration and mining and leads to us consumers and further into a recycling cycle, is long and complicated. Mapping and dissemination of knowledge and information about these cycles is a central part of MiMa’s tasks. The dissemination takes place as lectures, workshops, in various publications and on this website. In addition, MiMa is hired by authorities and organisations to do tasks and projects.

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Jakob Kløve Keiding

Chief Consultant

Phone: +45 91333434
E-mail:  jkk@geus.dk