What is mima?

MiMa builds knowledge about the value chains of mineral raw materials and security of supply and to create solutions to the raw material challenges of the future.

Collaborate with MiMa

The Knowledge Center for Mineral Resources and Materials (MiMa) was established under the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS) in 2013 to build knowledge about the importance of raw materials for society and provide solutions to future raw material challenges both in Denmark and globally.

The center collaborates with businesses, authorities, and municipalities in need of, for example, knowledge about subsurface raw materials in a specific area, analyses of supply challenges, perspectives on rare earth metals, or ground investigations prior to the establishment of wind turbine parks.

Perhaps MiMa’s expertise could also be valuable for you and your company?

Contact us and have a discussion about the possibilities

Centerleder Jakob Kløve Keiding
Telefon: 91 33 34 34
E-mail: jkk@geus.dk